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Toothbrush Gross-o-logy 101 - The simple facts.


Your toothbrush is a super magnet, collecting and growing millions and tens of millions of bacteria within a few weeks of use. These bacteria come from your poop (via toilet mist), your sink, the water, mutations from your mouth, and your hands…plus if you have kids, you can expect even more contamination from random places.

Of course, bacteria are common to household places and your body. But think…if these bacteria are harmless then why wash your hands, arm pits, utensils, or dishes?

You wash because you know…that some bacteria are stinky, hazardous, disease causing, and deviously opportunistic.

What is wrong with bacteria and a dirty toothbrush?


Research on human toothbrushes shows, the most common toothbrush bacteria are the ones that cause the common cold, sore throats, strep throat, pneumonia, gingivitis, and cavities. Toothbrushes can also retain viruses like influenza and herpes for a week.

Dr. Tom Glass, a professor of pathology and dental medicine at Oklahoma State, advises that you should not use a regular toothbrush for more than 2 weeks and any time you’re sick, you should not keep your old toothbrush.

How Silver Care eliminates Toothbrush Gross-o-logy.


Rinsing your current toothbrush with water does NOT clean it, because rinsing gives bacteria extra moisture to survive and thrive so with each brushing you’re increasing the colony size.

A cleaning process starts when pure silver comes in contact with water creating a natural solution of Silver Charged Water that’s proven to effectively eliminate 99.9% of the bristle bacteria every day! The effectiveness of the Silver Care toothbrush was verified by the FDA.


Beyond Clean to Sensationally Smooth!


The Silver Care toothbrush has polishing bristles that leave your teeth feeling silky smooth. You’ll feel the pleasure of your tongue gliding across your teeth because they’re irresistibly polished.

The bristles are also end-rounded which preserves your health by protecting your gums from excessive cuts, infection, and bleeding.



Satisfied Brushers

"I love mine! It feels like my teeth have been cleaned by the dentist!" Holli S.

"Bought a bunch and we love them -- sounds like a commercial at our dinner table when we discuss our toothbrushes!" V. Bentley

"I have been using my toothbrush and love it.  It seems that my teeth feel cleaner for longer periods of time after using it."  Deb B.

"I love my toothbrush, I am really hard on toothbrushes...I usually go through one a month. But I have had this for 6 months and it still works great." Karen W.

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